HISTORy and society

The social organization of the Celts.

The Celts were divided into clans, where women had the same rights and functions as men.

mith and representation

The Druids.

The Druids descended from the Megalithic Civilization. Powerful, wise, and feared, they still permeate our culture nowadays.


The mystery of Runamo, Sweden.

Runamo is a place in Sweden that has strange symbols engraved on it. Are they Runes? What do they mean? Discover a mystery that has lasted for centuries.


The 9 Runes of Odin and the Yggdrasil

Do you know which Runes appeared to Odin and why?

the wheel of the year

The Autumn Equinox

Discover the Wheel of the Year and the feast of Mabon. Which Runes is it linked to?

a personal experience

The Way of St. James

It was 2001 the first time I made the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago, and on the second day I injured my leg and I could no longer walk. It was there when my true path began.

saint bernard, Great Druid of Gaul

The Knights Templar and the Druids

Did you know that St Bernard of Clairvaux, the monk who wrote the rule of the Knights Templar, is widely believed to have been one of the Great Druids of Gaul? 

Myth and its representation

Ancient Time and Samhain

The Celts had a different conception of Time than ours. For them Halloween (Samhain) symbolically meant that the New Year (the new cycle) could not be born without the legacy and blessing of the Ancestors.

a personal story

Memory of the Soul

A huge amount of potentialities lives inside you, and it’s illuminated by that something intangible and subtle that is your ancestral wisdom. Nothing to be afraid of, because it just belongs to you. Believe it or not. Exactly as it is for intuition. That it happens, and that’s it. Believe it or not.


Trees, Sacred Beings

It took over 4 billion years to create the Trees. In the chain of species, the Tree is a perfect living sculpture, a challenge to the force of gravity. It is the only natural element in constant motion towards Heaven. And it was the basis of Celtic Spirituality. Find out why.