The origin of Runes

Runes belong to that unique and infinite world, which is the ancestral world of Origin.

They were not created by human beings, they were discovered by them. We can think that a few millennia ago, the Sages (that our culture associates with the Druids), found them while they were going through the forests, observing Nature.

They looked at the shape of trees, their branches, roots, streams, how flocks of birds fly, or how ants walk, etc.

Everything in Nature speaks a Universal Language, which connects our earthly world with Heaven and the Divine.

It is for this reason that the Runes were winged not only on the European continent (England, Ireland, Baltic Countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria), but also in the Middle East, in Turkey, in Siberia, some in India. .

Their wisdom has been transmitted orally, and throughout the centuries the Human Being lost that knowledge and the awareness of his sacredness. Therefore, in some countries such as Sweden, in the Middle Ages, Runes were used as an alphabet on gravestones. When, in their original conception, they were never used for writing.

Today the Runes have come back to us as an instrument of self-knowledge and spiritual evolution.

Discover them with me.