about me

I am Fidelma

For 20 years I have been studying Runes.

I chose to put this name on my runic path, to remember an ancient Celtic druid, named in the most famous epic in Irish mythology, Tain Bo Cuailnge.

The first time I came into contact with the Runes, it was in a dream. I dreamed of an old lady, with white hair, who was sitting in front of me, showing me some letters and saying to me: “Remember the Russian Runes.”

At that time I did not even know the name of the Runes, that dream struck me so much that I began to investigate and saw that the word Rune existed, that they were symbols connected with the Countries of Northern Europe, with the world of the Celts. I began to study them, and years later, “coincidentally” I read in an English newspaper that in Siberia they had found symbols, they were Runes.

It was a confirmation for me. That dream was the awakening of an ancient wisdom of my soul, and since that time, 22 years ago, I have not stopped studying, investigating, practicing.

I found a unique school in the South of France and further deepened the awakening of the Soul, the knowledge of ancient civilizations, the study of cosmic and telluric energy, the connection with the subtle world. Thanks to its Founder, I developed my intuitive capacity, and my understanding of the messages of the Runes increased incredibly.

Throughout all these years, I have read the Runes to hundreds of people, helping them find directions and answers.

And I’m still studying …