I purchased a set of Runes from Fidelma in France in 2019. I do divination every day with them. I can truly say they have revealed answers to me organically and accurately. I love that they are ade from Hazel tree wood and light weight which makes it easy to travel with.

Plus, Fidelma is an amazing Runes reader. She has helped me in many instances with their insight and intuition. I highly recommend the amazing handmade Runes… and also a reading from her.  

Erica - Los Angeles (USA)

I had a Runes reading with Fidelma and I must say that I did not expect to receive such a specific picture of the situation in the professional and personal sphere. They announced that a professional opportunity was approaching and Fidelma instilled confidence in me. Then actually the proposal arrived as it was described to me and I took it on the fly! From a personal point of view, the Runes helped me understand why certain situations in my life were not going well, and what attitude to take. I am very grateful.

Daniela - London (UK)

I followed the Course abour Runes Reading, by Fidelma and attended some of her conferences. I was impressed with her great knowledge. Her explanations are complete and pleasant, they involve, I had the impression that the Runes are part of her deep down. In the books I read about Runes, there is not everything she explains. The Runes reading with her is also wide and I resort to it when I need to better understand a situation.

Patrizia - Bologna (Italy)

When Fidelma reads the Runes to me, she always does it with much respect. It helped me make the correct decisions in my life, and I was able to do it more easily. She also prepared me for the future.

Andrea - Guatemala