a personal story

Memory of the Soul

One evening many years ago, I was walking with my friends through the streets of downtown, when we arrived in the square and heard music coming from afar. 

It was a completely different music from what I had heard until then. It was the 90s, I liked indie music, I loved the Irish bands that were going at the time, like The Cranberries, also U2, then there were the singers and bands like Tory Amos, Garbage, Cardigans (which were Swedish), etc.. But a music like that was special, it reminded me of the atmosphere of the movies set in the Middle Ages, but with that cheerfulness typical of the peasant festivals that take place when the harvest period ends.

It was spring, and thanks to the mild climate, the relaxed atmosphere and the beauty of the old town, we approached and were enchanted by that kind of magic bubble that the notes had created.

I have never been a dancer, on the contrary, I remember that in middle school the physical education teacher advised my mother to make me go to class in the afternoon to learn a minimum of motor coordination. Open and closed parenthesis: it took me six months of afternoon lessons to learn to do the vertical leaning against the wall, when all the other students had already learned to do the double somersault. What a laugh. And what a shame. With that you will understand that while going to dance on Saturday night like all girls my age, I never felt comfortable with the movements and rhythms of dance music, and I never even felt involved with that kind of music.

Well, something completely different happened that night.

As soon as I heard the band playing pieces that I later discovered to be called “French mazurka”, I took my friends by the hand and we went under the stage to dance, trying to copy the steps that the folk dancers were teaching.

It was a wonderful experience, because I realized that the music made me happy, and above all I felt familiar with it. My body, always so uncoordinated, almost by definition, could move with grace and rhythm, it didn’t need to learn the steps, but only to let them flow.

Only at the end the band played the Occitan hymn and explained what Occitania was, why they used instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, which was a typical musical instrument of the Middle Ages, and why there were so many others related, in my imagination, to Ireland and Scotland, like bagpipes for example.

For the first time, I also saw the Triskell, which is the symbol I adopted in my logo, I didn’t even know that it was at the same time a powerful Talisman. On the other hand, it was the first one I saw.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Later I realized that what I had felt and lived was an experience linked to my cellular memory.

Music was Celtic music, as it had evolved over time and spread throughout Europe. And Occitania was (in France) Southern Gaul, which shared the rhythms, sensitivity and musicality of the entire Celtic world.

So, the dream I had (and that I have told here) and this sensory experience led me to understand how within us there is an older memory that gives us form and substance in a completely unique way. That goes beyond our studies, our beliefs, our personal tastes, and that connects us to an ancestral Wisdom, which is only ours and is unique for each of us.

A sort of red thread that is able to give meaning to many choices that we consciously and unconsciously make in our lives, from the most trivial ones such as the choice of a dress, to the most important ones such as our studies or our ethics.

I no longer needed further confirmation. To the detriment of all my mental settings and structures, which had always been analytical, rational and scientific, my cellular memory, once again, was reminding me how much the world of the Runes and Celts was alive and waiting for me. Along with my Life Mission.

Do you know when you feel inside you that you have an appointment with life? Well, that appointment had come looking for me again, and had found me.

I told you this (true) story because I am sure you experienced the same thing.

For example when you chose to buy an oriental style shirt, or because you have always been fascinated by Japan and you never knew why.

Because you have an innate talent for drawing or cooking, and no one has ever really taught you that.

Or you can quickly learn a certain language, but not the others.

They are all potentialities that live inside you, and they are illuminated by that something intangible and subtle that is your ancestral wisdom.

Nothing to be afraid of, because it just belongs to you. Believe it or not.

Exactly as it is for intuition. That it happens, and that’s it. Believe it or not.