Set of wooden Runes


Set of 25 hazel wood Runes, handmade.
I personally collect the hazel wood and work it to obtain the discs, in which I engrave the Runes of Elder Futhark with the pyrograph.
Each set is a unique piece.
Due to the type of wood used and the precautions I use in preparing the set, these Runes are ideal for practicing the Art of Divination.
The bag is made of canvas, measuring 23 cm x 17 cm, inside which you will find simply intructions for reading the Runes. The bag is large enough to allow you to put your hand in and mix the Runes before pulling them out.
The color of the wood and the color of the bag may vary slightly from those shown in the photo.
If you buy two products in my shop, I will give you a rosewood heart-shaped runic talisman.